Startup Weekend Comes to Saint Martin’s University!


  • October 15-17, 2010
  • Saint Martin’s University – Harned Hall
  • Lacey Washington

Startup Weekend Olympia’s theme is:  “Bring Your Ideas!”  Have you ever thought, “Man, someone should … ?”  You know, those crazy brainstorms you have about starting a company that produces some sort of widget or a green and sustainable product, or maybe some cool idea popped in and you need a developer to program a website or iphone app.  Well, now’s your chance to bring all those wacky concepts to life!  It’s called Startup Weekend and it’s coming to the Olympia area October 15-17 at Saint Martin’s University.

Imagine something like 100 people coming together on Friday afternoon and out of those 100 people, 30 of them have an intriguing thought that won’t leave them alone for a new venture, or a paradigm that could change the world.  So these 30 folk pitch their idea to the group.  The crowd votes for the top 10 and teams are formed.  Team leaders look for a good mix of individuals that will help to bring that great idea to life … marketers, graphic designers, web developers, iphone programmers, accountants, public relations specialists, copywriters, attorneys, etc.

Then the remainder of the weekend you spend working with your team to bring the “great idea” to life.  Programming, designing, writing, talking, arguing, laughing, more talking and LOTS of ACTION converge as the team creates a prototype company!  Come Sunday afternoon, each team presents their new company to everyone.  And if your idea is sound, and you have enough synergy with some business sense thrown in, you may end up with funding from a local venture capitalist or perhaps even an Angel Investor or two!

Sign up for Startup Weekend in Olympia!  Any way you look at it, you’ll network with a ton of truly great people, learn from the experience and DO things you’ve never done before!  Most importantly, you’ll have a HUGE load of fun while exploring and fleshing out the exciting new world of creativity and IDEAS!

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